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Why ABS International School

As we opens our doors to each new generation of students, learning through activities, discovery and exploration runs hugh in the children. School provides comprehensive and continous evaluation for child's understanding of knowledge and his or her ability.

Here We Are Not Only Educating The Child, We Are Making The Child

Decision Maker

At ABS International School, the students are from very young age are motivation and trained to be decision maker and to take decision related to their study, like long hour study,more focus on the weak subjects or topics, integration of subjects while study.

Rich Vocabulary

We believe that only ideas are not enough. It is equally important topresent those ideas in correct way and effectively. We train our children to be rich in vocabulary to express their ideas and views and present themselves without hesitation or fear on front of the class and audience.

Nation Building

We believe in holistic approach, cultural values, sensitivity, feeling of equality and positive thinking are piller of national building. We are focusing on our children are not only to learn , read and write but also prepare yourself from today to be leader of future nation and play a role in nation building.

Innovative Citizen

We believe education means not only tolearn from self. Education means to learn to for serving the socity and nation. Here we are making innovative citizen who is going to make competition with modern world. Our children must be innovative with abstract ideas.

Future Challengers

If the person is chanllenging in nature will never going to be compromise with the challengesin the achieving goals. It is our commitment to create the child as a challenger. Who is always ready to accept the challenges of study, personal decision and challenges of the world. We are focusing on the challenging character building along with the knowledge building.